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Airplane Safety Engineer | Data Scientist EnthUSIAST

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I like to tackle new challenges and approach them with a versatile and adaptable mindset. I am always eager to take on new tasks and projects that can help me grow my problem-solving skills.

Color Tracking

Automous mobile robot

Falcon 9 landing prediction

Education & Experience


University of Texas in Austin - Austin, TX

MS of Science in Data Science


Washington State University - Pullman, WA

MS of Science in Mechanical Engineering

2013 - 2018

University of Khartoum

BS of Science in Mechanical Engineering



Safety Analysis Techniques


Certfied Functional Safety Professional (CSFP)


IBM Data science professional certification

June 2023-Present

airplane Safety Engineer - everett, wa

As an Airplane Safety Engineer at Boeing, my role is pivotal in ensuring the utmost safety and reliability of our aircraft for passengers, crew, and the wider aviation community, in line with aerospace standards. My responsibilities encompass the development and implementation of comprehensive safety measures aimed at mitigating risks and enhancing the aircraft's safety features. This includes conducting rigorous safety analyses, such as Functional Hazard Assessments (FHA), System Safety Assessments (SSA), and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), to identify and evaluate potential hazards throughout the aircraft's lifecycle.

July 2022-June 2021

Functional Safety Engineer - Kirkland, wa

As a functional safety engineer for Kenworth Trucks, my role is critical in ensuring that the vehicles we produce are safe and reliable for drivers, passengers, and other road users per ISO 26262. I am responsible for designing and implementing safety measures that protect against potential hazards or accidents. Additionally, as a controls developer, I am involved in designing and developing electronic systems that control various aspects of the truck's performance, such as engine management, transmission control, and braking. My work requires a high level of technical expertise and knowledge of industry standards and regulations to ensure that the vehicles produced by Kenworth meet all safety requirements and perform to the highest possible standards.

Washington State Univerity ​
aug 2020- may 2022

Graduate Research Assistant - Pullman, WA

As a graduate research assistant, I worked on implementing Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for boats. The goal of the project was to enable boats to detect and follow other boats by analyzing and mimicking their movements. This involved training the AI model using a large dataset of boat movements and using the CNN to extract relevant features and patterns from the data. Once the AI model was trained, we tested it in a simulated environment to ensure that it could accurately detect and follow other boats. Through this project, I gained valuable experience in AI development and CNNs, as well as the practical applications of these technologies in the field of autonomous vehicles.​

AUG 2021 - DEC 2021

Instructor Associate - Pullman, wa

As an Instructor Associate for Thermodynamics , I play a crucial role in ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education in these fundamental engineering disciplines. Working closely with instructors, I assist in developing course material, designing assignments, and grading exams and lab reports. I am responsible for conducting laboratory exercises and experiments, ensuring that students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations. In addition to my instructional duties, I am also responsible for providing individualized support to students who may be struggling with the material. This involves holding office hours, conducting review sessions, and providing one-on-one tutoring and guidance to help students succeed academically

Jun 2021-Aug 2021

Production Intern - renton, wa

As a Production Intern at PACCAR, I am immersed in the heart of the manufacturing process, gaining hands-on experience in the production of some of the world's leading heavy-duty trucks. This position offers me a unique opportunity to apply my academic knowledge in a practical setting, closely observing and participating in the intricate processes that ensure the production of high-quality, reliable vehicles. My responsibilities include assisting with the coordination of production lines, ensuring adherence to safety and quality standards, and contributing to the optimization of manufacturing workflows. I am actively involved in various aspects of the production process, from materials handling and inventory management to the implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles aimed at reducing waste and improving efficiency. This role has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of supply chain logistics, production planning, and the importance of precision engineering in vehicle manufacturing.

K&H INTEGRITTY Commuciations
DEC 2019-feb 2020

operations member - everett, wa

As an operations member at K&H Integrity Communications, my role is multifaceted and involves overseeing the smooth and efficient functioning of various aspects of the organization. One of my primary responsibilities is to ensure that the production line for mail runs smoothly and effectively. I have experience working on this production line, using various machines to process and package mail for delivery. This hands-on experience has given me a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the company's products and services, and has allowed me to identify areas for improvement in the production process. In addition to my work on the production line, I also coordinate schedules, manage resources, and ensure customer satisfaction. I work closely with other departments such as sales, marketing, and customer service to align operational processes and develop new procedures for optimal efficiency. This includes analyzing performance metrics and identifying areas for improvement, as well as implementing new technologies and workflows to streamline operations.

University of khartoum
nov 2018-june 2019

Teaching Assistant - Khartoum, SD

As a teaching assistant for engineering management and strength of materials, I have a multifaceted role that includes both classroom and laboratory work. In addition to supporting instructors in delivering high-quality courses, I also assist with laboratory exercises and experiments, ensuring that students have the hands-on experience they need to fully understand the practical applications of engineering concepts. I am responsible for grading lab reports, providing feedback to students, and helping them to troubleshoot any issues they encounter during their experiments. Additionally, I teach programming related to these courses, helping students develop practical skills that they can apply in their future careers. With my strong understanding of engineering management principles and the mechanics of materials, I am able to provide valuable insights and support to students, helping them to develop the practical skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their field. My teaching experience, organizational skills, and ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner make me an invaluable member of the teaching team.

Engineering Training and Professional Development Program
oct 2017-dec 2017

Mechanical Design Trainee - Khartoum, SD

As a Mechanical Design Intern, I gained valuable experience in the product development life cycle by creating 3D models and assemblies in Solidworks and implementing basic GD&T. I was involved in the concept development process, created prototype models, and communicated with customers to ensure their needs were met. I also performed simulations on parts, including motion, stress, thermal, and fluid analysis, and identified areas for improvement by assessing and modifying existing parts. Collaborating with other engineers and disciplines, I enhanced processes and efficiency, ensuring that all projects were completed on time and met required deadlines.

Jamjoom Vehicles & equipment
jan 2016-mar 2016

Engineering Intern - Jeddah, KSA

As an Engineering Intern, my role involved performing inspections and service operations on Hino heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, I implemented engineering cost estimates for manufacturing cycle times, raw material usage, and tooling costs to help the company better manage their resources. I also compiled, analyzed, and organized data files in an Excel sheet for future company use, ensuring that critical information was easily accessible and readily available to decision-makers.

My Skills


Safety Analysis

With a solid foundation in both automotive and aerospace safety analysis, I have developed a keen expertise in conducting detailed risk assessments and devising comprehensive safety requirements to mitigate hazards. My approach integrates a broad range of safety analysis methodologies, including Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA), Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP), Preliminary Hazard Analysis/List (PHA/PHL), System-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA), and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).


Systems Engineering

With a comprehensive background in systems engineering, I excel in the integration and optimization of complex systems across various domains, including technology, aerospace, and automotive sectors. My expertise encompasses all phases of the systems engineering lifecycle, from requirements analysis and system design through to implementation, testing, and validation


Machine Learning

With a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science, coupled with experience using machine learning techniques and frameworks such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and Keras, I am capable of developing predictive models and algorithms to solve complex data-driven problems in a variety of industries.


Data Analysis & Visulization

Utlizing tools such as Excel, R, and Python, and I am proficient in using these tools to derive insights and communicate complex data in an accessible and compelling way


Vehicle Controls

Through my expertise in control systems engineering and experience designing and implementing vehicle control algorithms using MATLAB and Simulink, I am able to develop and optimize vehicle control systems for improved performance, safety, and efficiency.

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